Top 6 Health Tips For Women

Many people let their health take the backseat, because switching to healthy way of life seems to be a real challenge to them.

Surely, it’s impossible to quit bad habits and start leading a healthy lifestyle overnight. But by taking small steps (one change per two weeks, for instance) you can gradually improve your health state and get into shape.

It’s important to realize that leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t a one-step commitment, but an ongoing process.

More often than not women start off with enthusiasm and good intentions, but finish with disappointment, because they can’t cope with mass of overwhelming information.

To help you avoid slipping back to old unhealthy habits, below are the top 6 health tips for women. Not only these are called to improve your physical health, but also keep yourself happy and positive.


#1 Healthy Diet

The very word ‘diet’ scares away many people. However, there’s nothing daunting about healthy diet. It never limits your daily meals and it isn’t bound to be lean.

Healthy diet implies preferring healthier alternatives to junk food and having meals at the right time. It’s important to distribute the consumption of carbs, proteins and fats the right way: carbs for morning (wholegrain bread, oatmeal porridge, corn flakes, etc.), carbs+proteins for lunch (vegetable soup, meat, salad), proteins for supper (fish, beans, cheese, dairy).

#2 Water

Make sure you drink enough water. Not liquid, but water – pure water (prefer non-sparkling variants). Water speeds up metabolism and make you feel better in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it helps your body get rid of toxins. Proper water consumption is also vital for women who lactate.

#3 Vitamins and Supplements for Women

We don’t get all vitamins and minerals we need from food. It’s advisable to take vitamin courses at least two times a year. Some of the most important supplements for women are Calcium, Vitamin E and Iron.

#4 Quit Smoking

All the tips I share in this post are pointless if you smoke. Smoking kills, and you’re aware of this, aren’t you? Smoking negatively affects all your body: from inner organs (especially lungs and heart), to your skin, teeth and nails. There are many methods helping women quit smoking – just try some of them today.

#5 Prefer Professional Medical Care to Self-Treatment

Most of the severe, chronic illness cases come as a result of self-treatment. If you feel bad or you suspect a disease go to your therapist instead of the nearest pharmacy.

Self-prescribed pills can only aggravate the case. Of course, I don’t encourage you to seek for medical help each time you have a running nose – you can use a neti pot to treat it at home (find a detailed instruction here

#6 Exercising

Not only regular workouts help you get in shape fast, but they also improve your overall health, body strength/endurance, and make you feel better and think positively. Exercise at home, outdoors, in the gym, or simply walk in the park.

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